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Shavers Fork Doc Picked up by PBS

We have been very proud to be able to produce the documentary, "The Steward's of Shaver's Fork" for West Virginia University. Their goal was to document a success story of how the scientists working on the Cheat Mountain have achieved success over the last 10 years in their wildlife restoration efforts.

We were told that the documentary would be used by the University, and various local organizations such as the fishing industry, tourism, and ecologists to show an account of the history of the Cheat Mountain region.

When I heard their story of how they turned around this area that had been trashed for decades by deforestation, mining and acid rain I believed that film had the potential to reach a much wider. I asked if I could shoot for that goal, so that we could communicate, not just to the ecologists, but the anyone. They were fully supportive in this idea, yet they initially believed it was a niche story.

During the first week of February 2016, we heard that our film was picked up by PBS and they love it. They will be showing it several times late in the spring on their schedule, and some of the comments from the producers at PBS got me all choked up.

It has been a great honor, and I look forward to the public’s reaction to the film once it is broadcast. I'm including a trailer that we quickly put together just before the premier so you have a taste of this documentary and all of the hard working people that made this story possible.

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